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Fundraising Video

MERF would like to make a 2-4 minute fund raising video. In order to produce this with any level of quality we could really use members help. Our biggest need is someone that can do video editing, if they can help film even better. Additionally, we are in need of members willing to go on camera.

We have talked to a few professionals and they are suggesting the following format:

  1. Start with a member testimony (i.e what happened to them)

  2. Message from the President, why MERF is important, and why we need the funds.

  3. Second member testimony.

  4. Video montage with female voice overlay. Video of peoples and their kids or grandkids would be helpful.

We are looking for people to help with the following activities or contributions:

  1. Video and Audio Editing

  2. Filming

  3. Script Writing

  4. Willingness to speak on camera

  5. Contributing video (kids, your situation)

  6. A female voice to narrate

  7. A vaccinated person who is contributing because they believe in the cause

If you are able to help with any of this, please email,, and with your name and what you are willing to contribute.

Additional Details:

If you are willing to speak on camera we would like to ask the following questions:

  1. What happened to you

  2. Why did you get involved with MERF

  3. What are you next steps.

What we would do is record a zoom call with you, where you answer these questions. We would transcribe your response and turn it into a script. We would then film you designated location (such as a room at the capital building)

Video snippets for the montage really can come from anyone who thinks they have a good shot and wouldn't mind being placed in a fund raising video. The goal is to show MERF is about real people trying to get real resolution a difficult situation.

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