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Message from a MERF Member

The views expressed here are the authors own, and Micron Employees for Religious Freedom has published anonymously with their consent. 


Micron Technology Inc. is gambling the lives and livelihoods of many of their most faithful U.S. employees on draconian Government and Big Pharma mass inoculation campaign.  The people demand truly reasonable accommodation. 


Submitted in support of peers by a nearly 30 year career employee of Micron Technology Inc.  A once essential worker also faced with termination of employment associated with the U.S. Micron COVID-19 "vaccine" mandate issued September 3, 2021.

Regarding U.S. Micron COVID -19 "Vaccine" Mandate issued September 3, 2021.


Micron's COVID-19 response and protocol has often appeared inconsistent with the rest of the local community and much of the world. As the community is removing masks and opening restaurants, Micron is implementing masks and shutting down cafeterias. While the world loses confidence in PCR Tests, Micron doubles down on persistent asymptomatic testing. And once again, as health officials are being forced to acknowledge COVID-19 should be considered an endemic, not a pandemic and that the efficacy of vaccines is not as advertised, Micron institutes the most draconian program of forced vaccination, isolation, testing and masking observed to date.


What Micron has succeeded in by pushing the COVID-19 "vaccine" mandate is creating a new class of employees who have now been subject to vilification, segregation and discrimination.  A group unprotected by the company that they have poured their lives into.  Do not be influenced by stories suggesting that only a "small number" of U.S. Micron employees are threatened with termination or have been denied reasonable "accommodation".  There are hundreds if not thousands of talented and dedicated Micron employees and contractors whose livelihoods are at stake.  Their blood, sweat and DNA is in every part of Micron, DNA that for many will remain as God intended. 


While so many have sincerely held religious beliefs and justifiable medical concerns, anyone paying attention to the trend of deception and coercion could predict that Micron had no intention to genuinely respect team members' religious liberties and medical freedoms by honoring any nuance of "exception" from mandates. The strategically selected term "accommodation" infers exactly as the program was engineered; temporary and limited, with the clear intention to ultimately afford no accommodations.  What Micron has put forth for those impacted in no way represents "reasonable accommodation". What people expect and deserve is exemption, whereas exemption defined includes the decisive word, free.  Free from obligation. 


Several of those impacted by this mandate are naturally immune to COVID-19 from prior infection, defined by Micron as; "Having contracted COVID (proven via a positive PCR test)".  The U.S. Micron mandate provides no accommodation for prior infection or natural immunity despite this being contradictory to their own PEPP (Pandemic Emergency Preparedness Plan) documentation outlining Escalation, Quarantine and RTS (Return to Site) Protocols and also in Site Updates from executive leaders with respect to persistent testing, each acknowledging immunity equally as being from either infection or inoculation and each representing active protocols, in effect simultaneous to the mandate.


These are valid considerations but should not be the only exceptions to such a mandate.  Referring, of course, to the individual freedom to choose, the freedom of autonomy and sovereignty.  To simply be able to defer or decline without impacting your entire life and livelihood.  The wounds Micron has already caused are deep.  Had Micron been honorable and forthcoming about their agenda instead of a steady campaign of moving targets and broken promises, the permanent stain of betrayal and the stench of mistrust would not be so permeating.


This message is not an invitation to debate the scale or impact of the COVID-19 disease, response and protocols.  There is no desire to be subjected to your strong feelings in favor of or against vaccines, gene therapies or alternative treatments.  There is no intention of entertaining your enlightened opinions on religion, immunity or the various sources of information that influenced your personal decision in this matter.  People respect and trust that you have invested considerably in making your decision appropriate for your personal situation.  It is too much to ask that you acknowledge and respect that your choice does not apply to their situation. This used to be referred to as mutual respect and common decency, if that is still a thing. 


Like never before and like nothing else, this period in history and the issues surrounding has truly revealed how and who people really are.  You only need pay attention to which group are those verbally attacking, wishing ill will and attempting to force their will on the people with whom they disagree. Certain people believe and act as though the real world is an extension of the mass groupthink and herd mentality moderated by big tech social media.  All they need to do is launch a massive cancel campaign and they win.  Comments espoused from these people are intolerant, hostile and absolutely vile.  Random inflammatory attacks waged against resistance organizers, forum moderators and especially their fellow co-worker who may comment related articles and videos posted on Micron's internal website.  All explicitly advocating COVID-19 "vaccines", by the way.  So many obsessed and deplorable people directing what can only be described as the most hateful venom and vitriol ever observed towards people for simply expressing legitimate concerns, asking questions or eliciting comment on studies or global scenarios contradictory to the official narrative.  Sad because the only real debate occurring on the issue of COVID-19 "vaccines" and mandates at Micron were occurring in the comment sections of these postings while Micron actively sought to filter and hide these discussions.  Point being, unlike these people, it is considerably less likely to find an example where an "unvaccinated" employee has made it a practice of vilifying, disrespecting or wishing misfortune or even death on another person or group as a consequence of their choice whether to be inoculated. 


To all the people whose toughest decision was choosing between Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, applaud yourself for being decisive and believing it necessary to protect your family and your community.  To those who, after careful consideration, later decided it was safe and effective, thank you for participating in the trials intended to prove it so.  The many for whom it was required to travel or to be near immune compromised loved ones, these were common reasons.  To the people influenced by peers, a popup campaign, a chance to win a prize or by other means of incentivized coercion, you are free to set your priorities. To those who responded quickly to the mandate and decided it was not worth your job to delay any further, that is your choice to make.  To persons who lamented and deferred as long as possible before making the tough decision that obligations, family and livelihood are too great a sacrifice, no one can fault your decision.  Those holding the line who have a brief reprieve through accommodation until given a report to work date, stay strong and vigilant in your resolve.  Lastly, to the very few who didn't report status or comply and are making the ultimate sacrifice, your conviction is respected utmost.  Because, dear Micron, for many it is not a choice.  For reasons reserved sacred, there are people who simply are not able to accommodate your COVID-19 "vaccine" mandate.


Make no mistake, there is substantial difficulty when facing the likelihood of being required to sacrifice for principled conviction. Sacrifice not just of gainful employment but an entire livelihood and a stable future. To make a stand against corruption, tyranny and ominous threats to our most sacred inalienable liberties.  It is not about giving up a job or a paycheck. It is decades invested in a career, developing teams and close relationships, some romantic. It's gauging and compromising retirement age and income. Nervously calculating savings and liabilities. Stressing the start of a family or young children's needs.  Potentially breaking promises of assistance with college tuition, wedding plans, purchasing a first home or supporting elderly relatives. Surveying the condition of your home, roof, furnace, appliances, furniture, vehicles,  lawn implements and whether you can bear expense.  Dealing with stress induced ulcers, sciatica, or complications with pregnancy.  Examining your health, heart, back, colon, prostate, knees, premiums.  Trying to gauge whether you can get by or start over at this stage of your life. 


To the leaders of Micron Technology, Inc., shame on you for claiming to "follow the science" while ignoring basic fundamental understanding of the numerous Problem Solving Models that Micron has employed over the years.  FMEA, 8D, IDEAL, Kepner-Tregoe (K-T), Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC), Synetics just to name a few of the methods that Micron has endorsed over the last 30 years. Yours is an embarrassing display that undermines credibility of a company whose success depends on employing scientific methods of analytical thinking and decision making.  We implore you, show us your notes.  Show us where you have rationalized rejecting all of the studies and scenarios that can be pointed to that your "solution" to this problem "Does not explain". The truth is that you have implemented this draconian program while still in Step 1, before you've even accurately defined the problem.  Please, let us review the Emergenetics Profile of the members participating in these Problem Analysis and Decision Analysis sessions and explain to us why no one appears even invited to the table who might offer a suggestion or solution contrary to the official narrative that you and so many other globalist activist corporations have all subscribed to in identical fashion.  Is there so much influence from outside entities that you will compromise the foundation and integrity of this once great company and throw away many of the people who have dedicated their lives to your success? 


Micron employees have one last question before they consider compromising their convictions to save their jobs and start a regiment of multiple needles in the arm. What reason have you given them to trust you?


To the legislators and elected officials, hear, listen and protect the voices of your constituents.  The scenario playing out at Micron is a direct reflection of much that is going on in our great country.  Take note and act immediately or it will be your career that is on the line. 


To the community at large.  It's time to wake up! This is not about whether we are all going to die from COVID-19.  People are not dropping dead in their homes or the streets, they are dying in nursing homes and hospitals. Soon many more will be desperate and destitute. Not because of COVID-19 but from the "solution" that has proven demonstrably worse than the problem.


"If you have to be persuaded, reminded, physically assaulted, pressured, constantly marketed to, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, bribed, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, stolen from, mandated, punished, fined, emotionally or verbally manipulated, fired, or criminalized-to force your obedience, all the while threatened to take an unproven injection of mRNA therapy, then you know it's NOT good for you."  "At no time in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys". - Source: Internet Memes

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