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Nerding Out - The MERF Survey

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

As many of you have requested, here is a breakdown of the MERF survey "by the numbers".


There have been 172 total responses to the MERF survey. Please note that not all of these are MERF members. Most are current Micron employees or contractors, but there are also several ex-Micron employees, and also many private citizens supporting the cause as well.

For the 36 previous employees or contractors, the large majority left due to the vaccine mandate. Many though left for other reasons, yet are sympathetic to the cause.

Now diving into Micron Contractors/Employees. The large majority of the 125 survey respondents identifying as a Micron employees/contractors filed for exemptions (yellow below). However there are also significant populations that either felt coerced into vaccination (red and all the small sections below), or chose not to file at all (green below)...largely due to concerns with the filing process. We do have several members (blue below) that were voluntarily vaccinated yet believe it should still be a personal choice not dictated by employer. As stated above, all the "small slivers" below are from respondents that were coerced into filing for an exemption.

Of the 18 survey respondents who chose not to file for an exemption, the large majority were put on unpaid leave (blue below). Since many of our survey results came in prior to January 24th, 2022, it is unclear how many of these employees were fired on that date.

So now moving on to those who chose to file an exemption. Of the 81 survey respondents who chose to file, the overwhelming majority were granted temporary accommodations.

This was Micron's way of getting around the religious exemption clause in the civil rights act.

In the plot below, both the blue and red respondents were all granted temporary accommodations. A small proportion were not awarded accommodations (yellow below).

It is also interesting to note that the huge majority of those that chose to file applied for religious exemptions, or both religious AND medical exemptions. A very small proportion overall applied for medical only.

Also interestingly, about half of those that applied for an exemption were "temporarily accommodated" with unpaid leave, which was then changed to either a work-from-site accommodation (provided they test daily, double-mask, and eat in the cafeteria), or work-from-home. This can be seen in the series of images below.

For those that were given only a single accommodation initially, the large majority were work-from-home (yellow, green, and all the small categories). There were a significant portion that were work-from site (red) and also unpaid leave (blue).


This concludes the data portion of the survey. One more interesting point is that the large majority of respondents to the survey heard about MERF through coworkers, friends, or family. The MERF board of directors would like to thank the MERF membership and sympathizers who are continuing to drive visibility and effectiveness of this group. Keep up the good work and share our organization with all you can!



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