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MERF Zoom Town Hall

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

All MERF Members are invited to bring a friend to our next town hall on Saturday, April 16th at 4PM. Agenda will be added to this post as we get closer to the date. Please use the Zoom Link and Passcode below!

Stated Goal: To unite and organize Micron workers into a force that can legally take on the mandate and religious discrimination that resulted in abuse from Micron.

  • Pledge of Allegiance (President)

  • Invocation (VP)

  • State Purpose (President)

    • You can’t comply your way out of tyranny

  • Introduction (President)

  • Organization Structure (VP)

    • Identifying what help we need with respect to the organization

  • Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer)

  • Update for all in attendance of what we have done so far (President)

    • EEOC Filing (PR Chair)

    • Who can file?

    • Is it too late?

    • Guidance (John)

  • Website (Tech Director)

    • Discuss data points

  • Address Membership (Secretary)

  • Attendee Input (All Execs)

    • Field questions or concerns

  • Adjourn the meeting (President)

Meeting ID: 873 3929 3110 Passcode: 756247


The MERF Board

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