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Member Spotlight - Feb 16, 2022

Over the next few posts, the Micron Employees for Religious Freedom will post individual stories of current or ex-Micron Employees showing how their lives have been affected by Micron’s COVID-19 Vaccination mandate. To protect these individuals, all stories will remain anonymous. Below is a Micron Employee’s illustration of how they have been affected by Micron’s COVID-19 Mandate. This unfair and unlawful mandate is clearly harming many individuals, and it must be stopped!

Initially, I tried to receive a medical exemption from Micron’s vaccine mandate. I spoke with the health center and they showed me the medical exemption form Micron would accept. It required proof of an adverse reaction to any one of the various vaccines ingredients. Mental health concerns (stress, anxiety, depression) were not valid. I then requested a religious accommodation, but as soon as I saw the request form provided by Micron, I decided I was not going to comply. The form asked for too much personal information, and I was not comfortable sharing that with my employer. Not to mention, I am not certain it is legal for them to ask for that information. It asked for my place of worship, the name of a pastor familiar with my practice, how long I’ve been practicing, etc. I do not believe that is any of Micron’s business and it feels an awful lot like religious discrimination. None of us should have to justify our belief system to our employer.

Then, Micron announced their thoughtful and empathetic accommodations – UNPAID leave of absence until you get the vaccine or receive an approved religious or medical accommodation. I learned later that even many employees who received an approved accommodation were being placed on unpaid LOA. Micron allowed us to use our Paid Time Off hours but removed all access to any Micron systems. I was using TOP until my employment was terminated on January 24th since I would not comply with their accommodation forms or receive the vaccine.

I had just been awarded a raise and more stock options, but because I used data to make an informed decision about my personal health, my employment was terminated. I will lose a ton of Micron Stock shares since they hadn’t vested. I was more fortunate than most as I had BUILT up a significant financial safety net, and I began working part time for a new employer the Monday after I had been placed on unpaid LOA. I know many employees have not been as fortunate as I. This also put much undue hardship on the team I worked for at Micron. My boss had just lost two employees to internal transfers before losing me to this mandate. Micron’s actions have not been in the best interests of its employees (vaccinated or unvaccinated) or its business as the 8 years tenure I had with the company is not easily replaced.

If you would like your personal story to be shared to gain awareness of the discrimination Micron is imputing on religious employees, please contact us via direct message on Facebook or fill out our "become a member" questionnaire on our website:

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